Ahhh, Colorado

I remember hearing George Strait sing “Baby Blue” when I was in high school. Something about those lyrics, “Blue like the Colorado skies,” always got me in the feels, as my kids would say. I didn’t really know what that meant; I had never been to Colorado. When I was researching colleges and saw that […]

Headspace Please

I struggle to write. I know I’m not the only one. Writers, famous and not, have spoken of writers block and dry spells.  As a former journalist, I don’t really believe in writers block. If a writer doesn’t know what to say, it is because they’ve lost the flow or need to feed their creativity. […]

Finding peace and beauty amidst disturbance

If a writer isn’t writing, is he or she really a writer? I know I’m not the only one with this issue since coronavirus disrupted our lives. I’m one of many who have not been able to concentrate or have unstable emotions. It is to expected. We just didn’t know that we should expect grief […]

Urban hike restores my soul

History and art unite on city walk Exploring the Dallas/Fort Worth area has become one of my favorite activities since moving to Dallas in 2015. Weekly walks with a homeschool group has become a highlight of my life. As a country girl who has lived near big parks or national forests for most of my […]


Seems crazy to take an already busy life and stuff it to overflowing with a project so big that it encompasses writing a novel in a month. Seriously, who is crazy enough to do that? And who has time for it anyway? As it turns out, there are thousands of people who are crazy enough, […]

First conference

The stars on shoes struck me. They were absolutely brilliant. So much so that perhaps all large groups should consider them. You see, many writers are introverts, so a writers conference is quite the challenge for many attendees. Someone suggested the introverts who wanted to meet people and talk but didn’t want to move outside […]