A bit of my story

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. If I wasn’t filling pages with family members’ names, I was writing my baby brother’s name on the wall. I remember the first, but not the second. Good thing Mom took photos!

I grew up in the Midwest. Looking back, I know most of the important things I’ve learned, I learned there. But, boy, was I hot to leave. I ran to Colorado, meeting my husband on my first day on the university campus. He helped unpack my car.

Wryly and I enjoy sun and sand.

I was a writer from the time I was tiny, but did not acknowledge it. In high school I filled notebooks with my writing. I attended Colorado State University so I could become a horse veterinarian. My mom required a dual degree so I would have something to fall back on. I chose journalism and technical communication. I figured I could write for horse magazines and vowed I’d never work at a newspaper. Skipped those classes except for the required few. God laughed at me. My first professional job was as a part-time copy editor at The Greeley Tribune. I had to take a pay cut from McDonald’s. It was one of my favorite jobs.

Through the years, I’ve worked as a journalist, editor of a small weekly newspaper, freelancer. The last 15 years, my life has overflowed homeschooling three boys, but still I write. As they’ve gotten older and more independent, my writing has grown as well, including novels, magazine articles and now blog posts. I’m currently at work on my second novel, which I hope to publish by 2021.