Welcome to my crazy world!

I’m glad you are here.

A creative life is an important, fulfilling life. Without creativity, we limit our problem-solving and learning abilities as well as our ability to see and appreciate beauty. I value creativity in my own life as well as in others; however, I’ll admit that life gets a bit crazy and hectic.

But life is not easy, and finding time and freedom for creativity can be difficult. Even as we know that stealing time and taking advantage of our freedom to express our creativity creates peace, most people, myself included, don’t do all that we could to foster our creativity. Instead, we allow busyness and even entertainment sap our time and energy and dull our senses. Instead of grabbing every moment and filling it with passion, we drift along, not content but not knowing quite what’s wrong.

My goal is to inspire you by sharing pieces of my life with you. I’m a writer and an artist. A journalist by trade, I’m learning the art of novel writing. I paint with watercolor and soft pastels as time and inspiration grab me. I take thousands of photos. In addition, I’m a wife and a homeschooling mom of three. I don’t have much time on my hands, but if I can find the time to create and share, so can you. Come along for the journey.

P.S. As you will find, I love to travel, and I love stories. You’ll find plenty of adventure here.