Headspace Please

I struggle to write. I know I’m not the only one. Writers, famous and not, have spoken of writers block and dry spells.  As a former journalist, I don’t really believe in writers block. If a writer doesn’t know what to say, it is because they’ve lost the flow or need to feed their creativity. […]

Urban hike restores my soul

History and art unite on city walk Exploring the Dallas/Fort Worth area has become one of my favorite activities since moving to Dallas in 2015. Weekly walks with a homeschool group has become a highlight of my life. As a country girl who has lived near big parks or national forests for most of my […]


Seems crazy to take an already busy life and stuff it to overflowing with a project so big that it encompasses writing a novel in a month. Seriously, who is crazy enough to do that? And who has time for it anyway? As it turns out, there are thousands of people who are crazy enough, […]

First conference

The stars on shoes struck me. They were absolutely brilliant. So much so that perhaps all large groups should consider them. You see, many writers are introverts, so a writers conference is quite the challenge for many attendees. Someone suggested the introverts who wanted to meet people and talk but didn’t want to move outside […]