First conference

The stars on shoes struck me. They were absolutely brilliant. So much so that perhaps all large groups should consider them. You see, many writers are introverts, so a writers conference is quite the challenge for many attendees. Someone suggested the introverts who wanted to meet people and talk but didn’t want to move outside […]

7 Ways to Find Creative Time

Work. Commute. Housework. Laundry. Food. Exercise. Wash and repeat.  Our everyday lives are a great recipe for burn out. We do what we have to do, then vegetate in a stupor in front of an electronic device to recover just so we can do it again the next day. That’s why the entertainment business is […]

8 Ways to Concoct a Creative Life

Finding time and space to express our creativity is no easy feat. Culture and family dynamics during our formative years seem to have something to do with it. Even if we aren’t struggling to make ends meet, the demands on our time between careers, spouses, kids and schools can make it seem as if there […]

Just Write!

I recently read Julia Cameron’s book Right to Write. If you are familiar with her name but can’t place her, she wrote The Artist’s Way. I love her writing because she not only encourages creativity but also provides concrete steps on how to be more creative, no matter your medium. She introduces writing as a […]

Four Things I Learned From My First Research Trip

1. Archivists and museum docents are worth their weight in gold, but they don’t know everything you want to know. I visited Peterborough, Ontario, to research the Peter Robinson settlers that emigrated from Ireland to the territory of Upper Canada in 1825. I visited the Peterborough Museum and Archives in hopes of gaining some idea […]

Feel the Emotion

I have many years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines or private business. Just the facts, don’t let your emotions get too involved, show don’t tell. Storytelling is not a skill I learned in J-school. I certainly did not learn how to structure anything as long as a novel. I think 3,000 words is […]