African American Museum encourages, educates

History, art, Kinsey Collection collide to create cultural masterpiece I recently had the privilege of visiting the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas, to take in the Kinsey African American History & Art Collection before it left the city. I’m disappointed that I did not visit sooner and more often. This treasure was worth more […]

A review: My Name is Asher Lev

Be a scholar to learn how to be an artist My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok is culturally unique and enlightening as it carries the reader into the world of observant Jews. In addition, Potok shows what the life of a scholar looks like. The story starts with Asher Lev as a young […]

My Writing Process

Funny memes are hitting the writing groups lately. “How do you write?” they ask a writer. The writer creates a long, tedious response. The questioner asks, “That’s the end of the book?” But the answer is, “No. That’s just one sentence. Then I move to the next sentence.” Another meme also compares writing to making […]

Consequences of Inaction

Inaction is an action. Not making a decision makes a decision. It’s easy to forget that not doing something is as much of a choice and can have as many consequences as doing something. This has been a theme that I’ve seen in four different friends’ lives this week. And then it happened in my […]