Another opportunity knocks

Can you hear it? How are we going to respond? Think about it. This stupid pandemic is giving us opportunities to create new habits, routines, hobbies. It is giving us the opportunity to re-create our lives into something better. What are we going to do? Are we going to whine and complain? Squander an opportunity […]

Decisions, Decisions

I just failed to make a decision. I failed to decide to save my writing regularly. I just lost about 500 words and the great start to a blog post. Failing to make a decision is making a decision. We’ve heard that before. I’m not sure I’ve fully believed it, though I have seen other […]

A sad honor

Owls mark the sign. It may feel like the dead of winter, but phrenology says spring is on the way. Where I live in the Texas, the sun’s intensity pinkens our cheeks and the backs of our necks and the first hint of green kisses a couple trees in the park. Even in the city, […]

How do you know if it works?

You test. Then you examine. Then test again. My email went through. Now to try a random blog post. Please comment to let me know if you received it. Thank you so much for being my guinea pigs. And not getting crabby. (This guy was harassed by Wryly on the Texas beach.)